Our school

Wee Waa High School is defined by our core values of;

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Citizenship 
  • Justice    
  • Growth                        

We provide a diverse curriculum that is complimented by distance education courses to meet the unique needs and interests of individual students. In senior years we also offer a range of VET courses to assist students to be work ready at the completion of their high schooling.

The size of our school means that our dedicated staff are able to work closely with students to assist them with their individual leaning goals.

Our school enjoys an excellent relationship with the local community which continually opens up opportunities for our students and the school as a whole.

We work hard to proactively communicate with the diverse range of groups in the community from families, to businesses and community groups.  It is though working together that we can provide the best life and learning opportunities and outcomes for our students.










































































































Wee Waa High provides a diverse curriculum for both senior and junior students. A range of subjects cater for students intending to pursue tertiary education and a strong vocational education program in five subjects meets student needs and interests in gaining industry qualifications. The principal's recommendation scheme to several universities enhances the opportunities for students to select the university and course of their choice. A committed staff regularly provide after hours coaching and support for seniors in small or class groups. Fourteen senior students attended after hours coaching in five subjects areas. This included a student in the preliminary year. Six students attended twenty hours of coaching each. The senior study room was used for small group lessons and individual study. Two senior staff members provided in-school coaching for four hours per week for senior students in addition to the after hours coaching program. Special excursions during the year to cater for students' needs included a senior geography, music and business studies trip to Sydney and a gifted and talented science trip to the opening of Science Week in Sydney.